ASHOK ENGINEERING WORKS has wide experience in manufacturing of heat rejecting equipment and we have added one more product for heat rejection purpose – THE AIR FIN COOLER. We have experienced design team for thermal design and mechanical design of AIR FIN COOLER. We have latest manufacturing and testing facilities to manufacture product with highest quality standards.

An Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger is an equipment for rejecting heat from a fluid directly to the ambient air. Where in shell and tube type heat exchanger heat is exchanged to water and then rejecting it to air by wet cooling tower system.

The advantages of an air fin cooler is that it does not require water, which means that equipment requiring cooling need not be near a supply of cooling water. The air cooled heat exchanger provides a means of transferring the heat from the fluid or gas into ambient air, without environmental concerns, or without great on going cost such as water supply and treatment.

A fin-fan is a type of heat exchanger that forces air to a set of coils to cool the process. It is also referred to as an air cooled heat exchanger. Fin fan heat exchangers are generally used where a process system generates heat which must be removed, but for which there is no local use. In fin-fan heat exchanger, air is forced in cross-flow across tubes carrying processing fluid.; For more details contact us.

There are mainly two types of air fin cooler.

  1. Forced draft
  2. Induced Draft